​​​​​​​​​"I think this book will be very helpful to many teachers, artists, administrators, and parents."
                      Jan Norman PhD      National Director of Education,          Audiences Arts for Learning

"The Complete Guide to Teaching Those With Autism is written in a manner that is easy to understand regardless of the reader's background. This book addresses how the arts are an integral part of learning and emphasizing the importance of teaching core subjects through the visual arts to children on the spectrum, as their learning is empowered with hands on experiences. This is an excellent reference book."
                          Lynda Abraham-Braff, National Art Education Association                                                          Reston VA                    

"This book is really amazing, lovely, quite ingenious. You never run out of things to work on. There are so many different uses for this book in the classroom and essential if you are home schooling. What I love about this book is that it reinforces concepts which enable progress."
                  Shannon Preston,

 Host Autism Live, Center Autism Related Disorders,  Tarzana CA

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Advocating the Visual Arts as an Effective

Intervention for Those with ASD

This one-of-a-kind user-friendly comprehensive guide includes a wealth of information as to how to effectively use art to promote essential skills and much needed concepts.  This includes how to assess the students place on the “art spectrum” (which is different than the autism spectrum) through examples of Schematic Art Developments Stages.  Foundational instructional elements from

​​​Welcome To Teaching Art For Autism

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an Cross Curricular approach are included, such as: a multitude of visual examples and extensive definitions of the Elements and Principles of Design, how  to start building an art cabinet from scratch using a myriad of supplies, step-by-step directions as to how to begin designing and implementing an art curriculum on its own or to supplement the current curriculum within existing time constraints, evaluation procedures, and multiple means of assessment in a variety of formats.  This student-centered information focuses on individual development concerns including learning styles and sensitivities.  Effective teaching strategies and practical suggestions for helping students achieve their maximum throughout long and short term goals.

The best feature of this book however, is the 100 concise user-friendly lessons which are presented so that any one can teach them with success with no art experience or talent necessary.  This invaluable resource is an asset which can be used year after year as students grow.

    Discover the benefits of this invaluable resource for teachers of those with Autism, Special Education and Exceptional Needs Educators, and Parents of the students.  The power of this visual learning approach blends the Principles of Special Needs education and the Visual Arts to impact and support those on the Autism Spectrum Disorder Spectrum and beyond.

Learning Life Skills through the Visual Arts is perhaps one of the best ways as it is experiential, hands-on learning with an emphasis on the visual. This improves much needed skills and impacts the synthesizing of information and cognition on multiple levels.